Kosher Gourmet Cooking

Chef Shaya


At Your Palate: Healthy Kosher Gourmet Food Cooked Especially for You

Shaya Klechevsky, chef and owner of At Your Palate, LLC, is a combination gourmet chef/food nerd. He loves to spout wisdom about the chemical makeup of spinach almost as much as he loves to sauté, chiffonade and butterfly.

Shaya gifts us with both elegant and down-home recipes, as well as insights into cooking well and eating wonderfully.

Shaya grew up in a home rich in diverse cultures. His mother, an Egyptian native, and his father, a Polish native, brought an interesting mix of food and flavor to every meal.

After earning a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College, Shaya found his way to the French Culinary Institute at the International Center for Culinary Arts in New York City’s vibrant SoHo.

There, he learned the secrets to French cooking and fused his classic training with his background in Middle Eastern/Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisine, resulting in flavorful combinations of ingredients.

With Shaya’s passion for good food and a healthy lifestyle, he brings healthy kosher gourmet cuisine to his clients.

Watch short videos of Chef Shaya demonstrating kosher gourmet cooking techniques.

Read an excerpt from Chef Shaya’s interview of Aron Ritter, founder of KosherWineSociety.com.


Visit Chef Shaya’s site now at www.AtYourPalate.com.